Madagascar Biodiversity Center

The Madagascar Biodiversity Center is located in the central region on the island of Madagascar, in the town of Antananarivo.  The Botany Department at the California Academy of Sciences, along with the Entomology Department, have collection holdings at the Madgascar Biodiveristy Center.









Botany staff from the California Academy of Sciences had a successful visit to the Madagascar Biodiversity Center and collected many specimens from Madagascar that they are now processing.  Their expedition took place from Sept. 30 to October 10, 2010. 










California Academy of Sciences Herbarium in Madagascar

The California Academy of Sciences Herbarium at the Madagascar Biodiveristy Center contains about 3000 specimens and more than 100 samples in silica gel from Madagascar. 


Recent discoveries from the herbarium at the Madagascar Biodiversity Center include Aloes and Xerophyta as well as rediscovered species of Memecylon crassinerve,an isoptype discovered by M. Perville 774 in 1841.


The Madagascar Biodiversity Center is currently collecting voucher specimens for DNA extraction.  They are collecting rousseauxia tamatavensis and many others.


This is an image of rousseauxia tamatavensis 

The Botanical Coordinator at MBC is responsible for coordinating and collaborating with different institutions within Madagascar and around the world to ensure the continuation of botanical research in Madagascar. 


Here is a list of some of the business items and agencies the staff at MBC works with:


Accord de siege

Collaboration contracts

Herbarium TAN, TEF

MNP, Forest Dept

University of Antananarivo

Research permits every 6 months

Herbaria exportation permits for San Francisco


One of two electric dryers in the Botany department at MBC






Collecting specimens in the field includes camping and visiting biodiversity hotspots within Madagascar.



Camp in Loholoka Manakara













Databasing specimens is another activity that occurs at MBC


Contact the Madagascar Biodiversity Center

Rokiman Letsara

Botanical Coordinator

T (261) 22 238 63


PBZT Tsimbazaza

101 Antananarivo


PBox:  6257


Flora of Madagascar

Flora of Madagascar: current statistics (vascular Plants)


Jatropha mahafalensis



248 Families (some recognize up to 305)

    29 Pteridophyte families,

      2 Gymnosperm families

  212 Angiosperm families


5 endemic families to Madagascar:







1730 Genera (some recognize up to 3 023)

     107 Pteridophyte genera,

         2 Gymnosperm genera

  1621 Angiosperm genera


14,886 accepted plant species names (25276 in total, incl 10381 (synonyms, new taxa and unpublished)