The CCG's CryoCollection is a collection of extracted DNA samples from specimens housed here at the Academy. The idea behind this cryogenic DNA collection is to organize, centralize and preserve the Academy's collection of frozen DNA and make it available to the scientific community. This collection is currently still in the funding and development stages. Once these stages are complete, researchers interested in DNA samples stored in the collection will be able to search for and request these samples via this website. Please check back here for updates on the status of this collection.

Terms of Use

These databases and all images within them are owned and copyrighted by the California Academy of Sciences, ©2009, or licensed to it.  The data and images may be used freely by individuals and organizations for purposes of basic research, education and conservation.  These data and images may not be used for commercial or for-profit purposes without the express written consent of the California Academy of Sciences, and may not be repackaged, resold, or redistributed in any form.

Use of the data or images in publications, dissertations and theses, or other scientific reports, should be accompanied by an acknowledgement of the Center for Comparative Genomics, California Academy of Sciences, as the source for the information.  Please provide the Department with separates of articles resulting from the use of these data or images.  This helps us to document the use of specimens as “vouchers” in the literature.  It also helps us to justify continued funding for the collections so that these resources remain available into the future.