Genomics Lab

Welcome to the CCG Genomics Lab.  The CCG lab is a fully equipped DNA sequencing and genotyping facility available for use to CAS researchers and associates. Academy curators, students, and technicians utilize the lab for conducting genetic research. Genetic data collected in the CCG lab are used to help answer questions about the ecology, systematics, evolutionary biology, and diversity of species. Please read on to gain more information about the CCG facilities and projects currently underway in the lab.

Genomics Lab Facilities

Our Sequencing Lab is used for all post-PCR processing of DNA samples. This lab is outfitted with all the equipment needed for standard DNA sequencing (inlcuding ten Bio-Rad thermal cyclers, one Bio-Rad qPCR machine, and an ABI3130xl Genetic Analyzer). This lab is also outifitted with equipment needed for library preparation for next-generation sequencing (including a 2100 Bioanalyzer, Qubit 2.0 fluorometer, and a Blue Pippin automated electrophoresis platform).

Our isolated DNA extraction lab is used to extract DNA from plant and animal tissues. It is Biosafety Level 2 certified to allow for the processing of bird and mammal samples collected overseas. This lab contains a Nanodrop 2000c spectrophotometer for quantitation of DNA and RNA extractions.

Our PCR set-up lab is used for the handling and short-term storage of all DNA extractions. It also houses our Direct-Q 3 Water Purification System by Millipore.

Our gel electropheresis room is set up for running and imaging agarose gels as well as conducting band excision using the BioSpectrum AC Imaging System and VisionWorks software. It also contains a fume hood where phenol-chloroform DNA extractions are performed.

The Freezer Room houses the Academy's frozen tissue collection and the CCG's DNA CryoCollection. It includes ten -20 degree and ten -80 degree freezers. In addition, the room now includes five Taylor Wharton 40K liquid nitrogen (LN2) storage freezers. Importantly, this room is outfitted with an emergency back-up power system to keep freezers running during a power outage.

CCG Lab Projects

Students and staff from all research departments of the Academy are working on interesting projects in the CCG lab. From barnacles to birds, pipefish to plants, check out what is currently happening in the Genomics Lab.