• Ornithology & Mammalogy
  • Taxa Selasphorus sasin; Pycnonotus sinensis; Phacochoerus africanus
  • At a glance

    The search forms provide access to the three primary collection databases of the Department of Ornithology & Mammalogy.  These databases describe specimens in the Mammal, Bird, and Egg & Nest collections.  The query forms in each database enables records to be retrieved using various fields (e.g. Genus, Country, Year, etc.).  A maximum of 1,000 records can be retrieved at one time.  Entering search criteria into more than one field can help keep result sets under the 1,000-record limit.

    Currently cataloged in our collection database are 96,000 bird specimens, 28,500 mammal specimens, and 11,000 egg and nest specimens.  As our computerization continues, more specimens will be added to our on-line database through periodic updates.  Additionally, we are actively georeferencing many of our localities.