Toby O. Salz, MD

  • Collaborator
  • Institute for Exploration and Travel Health

Dr. Toby Salz is a Board Certified Emergency physician with expertise in general emergency medicine, travel, expedition and disaster medicine. He is a graduate of Chicago Medical School and the Alameda County Medical Center, Highland General Hospital emergency medicine residency program affiliated with the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine. He has worked in a diversity of challenging environments such as Chiapas, Mexico, Ecuador and the U.A.E.'s regional Rashid Trauma Center located in Dubai. Most recently, he served as Medical Director of the Emergency Department and ICU of Hôpital de L'Universite D'Etat D'Haïti during two medical missions to post-Earthquake Haiti. Dr salz remains committed to the well-being of Haitians and to supporting quality healthcare in Haiti. He is in the midst of co-founding a non-profit organization that will ultimately place its focus on treatment of patients affected with tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and cholera in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


Dr. Salz is a key collaborator of the Institute for Exploration and Travel Health. Current research interests and upcoming expeditions include the 5 Gyres Institute's survey of the Southern Pacific Gyre in partnership with Pangea Explorations. He will be providing medical support to the crew and research staff while studying the impact of phthalates on pelagic birdlife. Other academic interests include ultrasound in the disaster setting, treatment of drug resistant infections and methods of improvisation during emergency situations in resource poor environments.