One Truth, Many Lies Artist Interactions



The man with his pickled fish has set down
one truth, and has recorded in his experience many lies. The fish is not that color, that texture, that
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dead, nor does he smell that way.”7

“The man with his pickled fish has set down one truth, and has recorded in his experience many lies.
The fish is not that color, that texture, that dead, nor does he smell that way.”

John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts, Sea of Cortez, pp2-4



Specimen collections are never created with a single use in mind. We invite you to become involved and look at our collections through new eyes - the eyes of four phenomenal west coast visual artists. Throughout the spring and summer of 2014, museum visitors will have the opportunity to speak with Resident Artists and even participate in hands-on workshops.


One Truth, Many Lies: A New View of Art & Natural History Collections is made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.



These workshops have already happened. To see photos from the events click here.

Monika Lea Jones, a San Francisco based artist, never completely divided herself between the seemingly separate artistic and scientific minds. Compositions featuring animals and celestial objects are rendered using the bright colors of paint, photography and other digital means. Inspired by both her current urban environment and nature, she seeks to bridge these worlds by creating fantastical dreamlike images that illuminate the modern landscape. Along with creating custom art and photography for individual clients, she has collaborated with other artists, youth and community groups to produce murals, exhibitions and fashion shows in the Bay Area.

Monika attended the University of California at Santa Cruz, majoring in Art History with a Religion and Visual Culture focus. After completing a six month study abroad program in India she then found herself in California exploring geology and scientific illustration. She now attends San Francisco State University where she is studying Curation and Exhibition Design through the Museum Studies Graduate Program. By taking her art to the next level, she hopes to share her vision with the public and create interactive installations that inspire engaging participation.



These workshops have already happened. To find out more click here.

T EDWARD BAK was born in Denver, but is drawn to travel and frequently migrates throughout North America. He began WILD MAN after exploring Southeast Alaska's Inside Passage, and has since conducted research in the Aleutian archipelago and St. Petersburg, Russia. His stories have been featured in The Oregon History Comics series, Drawn and Quarterly Showcase, The Best American Comics 2008, The Graphic Canon, and MOME, where WILD MAN was originally serialized.
He usually lives in Portland, Oregon.



Saturday, July 12, 2014; 11-3 - hands-on workshop: Endosymbiosipuppets 

Puppeteer and fabricator, Ben Burke, will discuss endosymbiosis and create shadow puppets and mini-sculptures with participants. Reserve the whole weekend to take the stage with your performing puppet(s)! Space is limited, so be sure to register.



Join Ben for a Endosymbiotic Connect with a Scientist! at 2pm




Ben Burke is a writer, poet, director, collector, performer, puppeteer, designer and fabricator based in Oakland, California.  His work, usually manifested as stories, poems, performances or junk-automata, explores the unexpected and the unknown, using the inherent tools and insights of mythological tales and scientific discovery.  Fond of collaboration and uncharted territories, he has produced and/or performed over 200 unusual theatrical events, from operatic rock n roll and spoken word to junkyard variety shows and an abstract musical aboard art-rafts in Venice, Italy.  His wunderkammer, or cabinet of curiosities, is displayed annually at San Francisco's Edwardian Ball.  He also cofounded both the Stars & Garters Theatre Company and Apocalypse Puppet Theater and is a TED Fellow.



Saturday, August 9. Moth and butterfly folding, with Origami Mami

Everyone is welcome to participate in the ancient art of folding paper while learning about the moths and butterflies! Then take your folded flapper into the Rain Forest to view live butterflies.


Sunday, August 10th, 11-3. ca-MOTH-flage: a hands-on workshop

Create your own shadow box, featuring beautiful bark prints and your own camouflaged origami moth. Master folder, Jennifer Linderman will take your origami skills to the next level in this hands-on workshop. Space is limited, so be sure to register.


Jennifer Linderman, a.k.a. Origami Mami, is a multi-media artist but her passion is working in 3-dimensional paper arts. She is a published Origamist and teaches Origami to children as an after school program 5 days a week throughout the East Bay. In addition, she enjoys drawing and watercolor painting and is an all-around crafty gal. Jennifer especially enjoys working in topics of nature as can be seen with her current experimentations with Moths and their mystical camouflaging mechanisms. 

To register for these free workshops, please contact Diane T Sands, OTML Program Coordinator, at or 4153795489. Be sure to have the name of the artist or workshop in the subject line. While there is no charge for these workshops, there is limited space. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.