For approved loans, the Lender agrees to:

1. provide requested materials, if available , as promptly as possible;

2. package requested materials so as to insure their prompt and safe shipment and receipt; and

3. cover the cost for shipment of requested materials to the borrower.

The Borrower must have an academic affiliation and agrees to:

1. sign and return all loan invoices to the Lender immediately following receipt of materials;

2.  use the CAS Collection labels sent with loans to tag all specimens(except those already so labelled) upon their receipt (these labels to be left with each specimen upon return);

3. maintain borrowed materials in a secure and pest-free environment at all times;

4. obtain specific and prior written permission from the Lender for any dissection or other treatment of materials which will permanently alter their integrity, manner of permanent storage, or future usefulness;

5. forward no part of the loaned material to a third or subsequent party without written permission of the Lender;

6. inform the Lender of any change of address and/or location of the material borrowed and obtain prior written permission from the Lender for relocation of the material;

7. return all materials to the Lender on or before the original or formally renewed loan due date;

8. make written request for renewal of each loan prior to the due date of the loan;

9. place an identification label (printed or clearly written) on each individual pinned specimen, vial, or slide mount before return (exceptions possible only by special arrangement with the Lender);

10. return all specimens received to the Lender, including those duplicate specimens which the borrower may wish to retain (the latter to be labelled and thereby identified for consideration by the Lender, who will evaluate each request and return the requested specimens if appropriate);

11. arrange all materials returned in a manner which will facilitate their re incorporation into the Lender's collection;

12. return materials in the same or similar pinning boxes (e.g.Schmitt boxes, etc.) as those received from the Lender;

13. assure that all specimens are properly and safely packaged for return shipment;

14. cover the cost for return, in the appropriate manner, of all loaned materials to the Lender;

15. return all primary type specimens by REGISTERED AIRMAIL; and

16. provide the Lender with reprint(s) of papers based wholly or in part on study of CAS specimens as soon as available.

The Borrower understands that failure to comply with the conditions listed above will result in loss of future loan privileges and/or possible other action by the Lender.

Contact the Collections Manager

  • Norm Penny
  • Collections Manager
  • California Academy of Sciences
  • 55 Music Concourse Drive
  • San Francisco, CA 94118
  • 415-379-5320 (direct)