Ant Course

2014 July 21-31 Borneo: Maliau Basin

July 20 participants arrive in Kota Kinabalu

July 21 Depart KK : 8  hour bus ride to Maliau Basin

July 31 Depart Maliau Basin to Kota Kinabalu



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2015 August 6-16, Southwestern Research Station, Portal, AZ, USA

2016  August  Somewhere in tropical Africa

2014 Ant Course 
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About Ant Course

ANT COURSE is a workshop designed primarily for systematists, ecologists, behaviorists, conservation biologists, and other biologists whose research responsibilities require a greater understanding of ant taxonomy and field research techniques. Emphasis is on the evolution, classification and identification of ant genera.  Lectures will include background information on the ecology, life histories and evolution of ants.  Field trips emphasize collecting and sampling techniques, and associated lab work focuses specimen preparation, sorting and labeling.  Information on equipment, literature, and myrmecological contacts are also presented. 


ANT COURSE is a unique opportunity to acquire training that is unavailable elsewhere. This course will provide students with: 1) the confidence and skills to identify ant genera; 2) an understanding of modern specimen processing and curation techniques; 3) an appreciation for the biological diversity and evolution of ants, and 4) experience keying to the species level.


ANT COURSE is open to all interested individuals including students, professors and motivated amateurs (citizen scientists).. Priority will be given to those students for whom the course will have a significant impact on their research. An entomological background is not required. We aim to include students with a diverse interest in biology, including ant systematics, ecology, behavioral biology and conservation. The high instructor to student ratio will allow students to receive individual attention. ANT COURSE is presented in English and limited to 30 participants. Photos from previous courses are available in the yearbook.


SPONSORS. -- California Academy of Sciences and Museum of Comparative Zoology, with funding in part from National Science Foundation.

Ant Course Beginnings - One Person's View

by Stefan Cover

Student Praise for Ant Course

Ant Course is an exceptional experience that has motivated me to purseue new avenues of research. I leave it energized and inspired.  Great Work.

Emilio Bruna 2004


Fantatic Course. Best Field Course ever. The Ant Course has revitalized my research program and has positioned me to make lasting contributions to ecology, biodiversity, myrmecology and evolution.
Anonymous student 2004

Service Award

The Ant Course Distinguished Service Award honors a lifetime of achievement in the study of ants. The Award is especially intended to acknowledge individuals who have through their research, their writing, or through their personal effort and example, have provided help, encouragement, training, or inspiration to others in Myrmecology, or who have opened the doors to a wider appreciation of ants for the public.