The carabid beetles of Madagascar

by Dave Kavanaugh

I participated in expeditions to Madagascar in 1998 and 2000, both to Ranomafana National Park.  Based on material that I and my students and other associates collected on these expeditions, and on the rich and diverse material collected through Madagascar by other Academy teams lead by my colleagues Charles Griswold and Brian Fisher over the past decade, I am re-examining the carabid fauna of Madagascar.  Although several volumes have been written about the Malagasy carabid fauna over the past 60 years, many new species, from all parts of the island, are represented among specimens now at the Academy.  My primary goal is to produce an inventory of the carabid beetles of Ranomafana National Park, with descriptions and keys to species, as a tool for Park managers and conservationists.  More than 300 different species are now recorded from the Park and dozens of these are new to science and require description and names.  New species from other parts of the island will also be described.

Mormolycina oberthuri Fairmaire.  Photo by David H. Kavanaugh.





Collecting in the rain, Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar.  Photo by Flor Vargas.











Harvesting collections made with pitfall traps.  Photo by Charles E. Griswold.


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