Participants of the California Academy of Sciences Second Madagascar Expedition: (from left to right) Dr. Frank Almeda (expedition leader), Vincent F. Lee, Keve J. Ribardo, Dr. Peter W. Fritsch, Sylvie Hanitriniaina, Dr. Thomas F. Daniel, Greg DeNevers, Adolphe Lehavana, and Neil Fahy. Photo taken at entrance to Ranomafana National Park.

The Second California Academy of Sciences Madagascar Expedition to explore the biodiversity of this country's unique fauna and flora  at Ranomafana National Park took place from 29 October 1998 to 21 November 1998.  Participants included: from Botany Department - Dr. Frank Almeda, Dr. Thomas Daniel, Dr. Peter W. Fritsch and Greg DeNevers;   from Entomology - Vincent F. Lee and Keve J. Ribardo; from Invertebrate Zoology and Geology - Neil E. Fahy; and from Photography - Dong Lin and (associates) Buffy and Jerry Coursey. Malagasy students included Sylvie Hanitriniaina and Adolphe Lehavana.


Partial Results: Land Snails of Ranamafana National Park