Nannochorista andina  Byers, 1989

Diagnosis:  No dark spots or margins to apical crossveins.  In male, dorsoapical notch between basistyles broadly V-shaped, with paired capsules of aedeagal base conspicuously exposed; in female, sclerites of

abdominal sternite VII only slightly wider subapically than at mid-length;  sclerites of sternite IX distinctly separated.  Forewing length: 6.2 – 9.2 mm.


Distribution – Geographical:  ARGENTINA (Neuquén, Rio Negro) and CHILE (Arauco, Chiloe, Malleco, Nūble, Palena).


Distribution – Temporal:  Adults emerge from 12 September until 15 March at elevations of 250 to 1300 m.


Ecology:  Nothing is known of the habitat for this species.


Biology:  Nothing is known of the immature stages or life history of this species.




Byers, G.W. 1989. The Nannochoristidae of South America (Mecoptera). The University of Kansas Science Bulletin, 54(2):25-34. 17 figs., 1 map.


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