Nannochorista neotropica  Navás, 1929


Diagnosis:  This is the largest species of South American Nannochorista (forewing length: 8.8 – 12.2 mm).  Forewing darkly tinged with yellowish brown.  Abdominal tergite XI terminating well before posterodorsal margin of fused basistyles.  Dorsal and ventral projections from basistyles with posteromesal edges of approximately equal length.


Distribution – Geographical:  This is the most widely distributed American species of Nannochoristidae.  It is found in ARGENTINA (Neuquén Province) and CHILE (Arauco, Cautín, Chiloe, Llanquihue,  Magellanes, Nūble, Osorno, Talca, Valdivia, and Valparaiso Provinces).


Distribution – Temporal:  Adult emergence is from 16 October until 6 March at elevations of 30 – 1600 m.


Ecology:  Nothing is known of the habitat preferences of this species.


Biology:  Nothing is known of the immature stages or life history of this species.




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