Bittacus texanus  Banks, 1908


Diagnosis:  This is a large, dark brown species with wings tinted yellow to pale brown.  The male epiandrial lobes are long and narrow with small dark denticles along the ventral margin in the basal half.


Distribution – Geographical:  This species is known from Florida and Texas (Carpenter, 1931) and New Mexico and Kansas (Byers, 1954).   There is some skepticism about the single Florida record (Byers, 1993; Somma and Dunford, 2008).


Distribution – Temporal:  This species appears to emerge in late July  to early September in Kansas to July to late October in Texas.  Apparently most common in late summer and early fall.


Ecology:  Individuals have been collected in open grassland to sparsely shaded, grassy savannahs.


Biology:  Nothing is known of immature stages or life history.


Notes:  This species is very similar to Bittacus stigmaterus.  However, this latter species is somewhat smaller, paler colored, and the male epiandrial lobes are not quite as elongated.




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