Boreus elegans  Carpenter, 1935


Diagnosis:  Body a rusty brown color; length, male, pinned: 3.5 – 3.8 mm; male, in alcohol: 4.0 – 4.6 mm; female, in alcohol: 6.0 – 7.4 mm.  Ratio of length of maxilla-labial complex to rostrum = 0.77.  Pronotum with anterior and posterior margins bearing 4 to 6 bristles.  Meso- and metanota each with two bristles.  Male forewing tapered evenly to apex with 16 mesal and 16 lateral spines.  Hindwing with 12 spines.  Female forewing oval, covering hindwing.  Male 8th tergum and sternum unfused; 9th tergum and sternum also unfused.  Hood of 9th tergum small, only about 1/8 width of tergum with medial septum.  Ninth sternum broadly rounded. 


Distribution – Geographical:  This species is only known from the coastal areas of Washington state and Vancouver Island, BC.


Distribution – Temporal:  Adults have only been collected in December.


Ecology:  This species appears to only be found in the lower elevations near the coast.  Adults have been taken actively walking on snow on warm December days.  Adults have not been associated with specific mosses or specific microhabitats.


Biology:  Nothing is known of immature stages or life history.


Notes:  This species is a member of the nivoriundus group with bristles on the pronotum, males having a very small tergal hood with medial septum, and a rounded apex of the  9th sternum.  It is most similar to B. nivoriundus from eastern North America, but can be separated by the larger size, rusty red coloration, and more numerous setae on the posterior side of the rostrum.




Carpenter, F.M.  1935.  New Nearctic Mecoptera, with Notes on other Species. Psyche. 42:105-122.  



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