Brachypanorpa montana  (Carpenter, 1931)


Diagnosis:  This species generally has four ocellar bristles, two between the lateral ocelli and one on either side of the median ocellus.  Wings are relatively darker than B. oregonensis with pale crossveins.  Pleural sclerotization of the seventh abdominal segment in males is only partial.  The ventral, basal lobe of the dististyles relatively smaller than in B. sacajawea.  The male ventral parameres without ventral depressions.  Female with wings that extend to the end of the abdomen.


Distribution – Geographical:  Southwestern Oregon at 1000 – 2590 m elevation.   It appears to be particularly abundant near Thousand Springs, near the southwestern base of Crater Lake, Oregon.


Distribution – Temporal:  5 to 19 July (Byers, 1997).


Ecology:  As indicated by Byers (1997), individuals rest on a variety of low, herbaceous plants in the montane forest, but the species of plant may vary with the elevation.  The habitat always appears to include old, rotting logs in an advanced state of decay.  Adults appear in pockets of what is a far larger, generalized habitat and feed by scraping the epidermis from leaves.


Biology:  Byers (1997) has found that species of Brachypanorpa lay eggs in clusters in rotting wood and soil.  Larvae are scarabaeiform, lack prologs, are blind, and live in the soil.  Larval food is still unknown.


Notes:  The name Brachypanorpa refers to the short wings of the females.  When Carpenter (1931) described this species montana, he thought that it was distributed in northern Idaho and westernmost Montana.  However, Byers (1990) subsequently described B. sacajawea from this region and restricted the known distribution of  B. montana to southwestern Oregon.




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