Brachypanorpa sacajawea  Byers, 1990


Diagnosis:  This species differs from the other two species of western Brachypanorpa in that they each have four ocellar bristles while B. sacajawea only has two, one on either side of the medial ocellus.  The pleural sclerotization of the seventh abdominal segment of males is complete in B. sacajawea, while it is incomplete in the other two species.  Males of B. sacajawea have a two-lobed basal lobe of the dististyles, with the lower lobe larger, so as to block sight of the upper lobe in ventral view.  The aedeagus of B. sacajawea has a distinctive depression at the base, which is lacking in the other two species.  Females have wings that extend to the tip of the abdomen.


Distribution – Geographical:  This species is known from northern Idaho and westernmost Montana (Byers, 1997).


Distribution – Temporal:  700 to 2430 m elevation from 21 May to 3 August (Byers, 1997).


Ecology:  Adults can be found resting on understory herbaceous vegetation in moist, shaded forests.


Biology:  As with other species of this genus, the eggs are laid in crevices of rotting wood.  The scarabaeiform larvae live in the soil, feed on plant roots, and go through four larval instars (Byers, 1997).


Notes:  The name Brachypanorpa refers to the short-winged form of the females.  The term Sacajawea is the name of the Shoshone Indian woman who acted as guide to Lewis and Clark on their exploration of the northwestern United States in 1805-1806 (Byers, 1990)..




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