Panorpa ensigera  Bicha, 1983

This is one of the species in the rufescens species group with a single basal spot along the costal margin of the forewing and dark crossveins in the distal part of the forewing.  Male genitalia bear elongate, narrow hypovalves that reach to the apex of the basistyles; a basal lobe of the dististyles with a truncate distal margin and row of small spines along the dorsal margin.  It belongs to subgroup with a cluster of dark, thick spines at the mesal apex of the basistyles.  It can be separated from other members of the subgroup by the long, straight ventral parameres that extend to the tip of the basal lobe of the dististyles and bear short, thick setae along the mesal surface.

Distribution – Geographical: 
Originally described from two counties in east-central North Carolina (Bicha, 1983), it was subsequently collected in eastern South Carolina (Byers, 1996).

Distribution – Temporal: 
Byers (1993) has indicated that there are two generations per year.  The first generation emerges as adults from late May to mid June while the second generation emerges in September and October.

The type specimens were collected in a ditch on blackberry (Rubus sp.), pokeweed (Phytolacca americana), and tulip tree seedlings (Liriodendron tulipifera) in direct sunlight about 30 feet away from a forested area.  The trees in this area were pines, oaks, gum, and tulip trees.  Specimens could not be found in the forest edge areas usually associated with scorpion-flies.

Nothing is known of immature stages or life history.

The ventral parameres of the male are longer and straighter than other species of this subgroup.


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