Panorpa ferrogenia  Byers, 1993

This species is part of the rufescens species group that has one marginal spot along the base of the forewing costal margin, and shading along many of the distal crossveins; males with narrow hypovalves;  and dististyles with a basal lobe that is apically truncate and bears a row of spines along the dorsal margin.  The ventral parameres have lateral props to the inner wall of the basistyles.  There are no thick spines at the apex of the basistyles.  The ventral parameres are short, with an apical and sometimes subapical cluster of thick spines.

Distribution – Geographical: 
Known records for this species indicate a distribution in extreme western Georgia, most of Alabama, and the northeastern corner of Mississippi.

Distribution – Temporal: 
Records indicate a small adult emergence from 24 May to 7 June and a larger emergence from 30 August until 24 October.

Adults have been collected in open stands of pine, with scattered red gum, hickory, and oak trees and dogwood in the understory. The ground
cover where individuals were collected contained thickets of honeysuckle, greenbriar, and brambles.

Nothing is known of immature stages or life cycle.

The male genitalia of this species is very similar to that of P. rufescens.  Differences include a smaller apical hook on the male dististyle, and a few long, medial setae on the hypovalves.  The forewings also display some differences.  The forewing of P. rufescens has a thicker pterostigmal band and a smaller basal spot than P. ferrogenia.  Because the differences between these two species are so small, they could be considered as regional variants of the same species.

In his original description of this species, Byers (1993) indicated that P. ferrogenia was probably more closely related to P. confinis because of the short ventral paramere, but that species has two or three large, dark spines at the inner margin of the basistyle.



Byers, G.W. 1993. Autumnal Mecoptera of southeastern United States. University of Kansas Science Bulletin, 55(2):57-96.



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