Panorpa galerita  Byers, 1962


Diagnosis:  This species is a member of the claripennis group which can be defined by characteristics of the male genitalia: broad, short hypovalves;  broad, unbranched ventral parameres; and variable development of the basal lobe of the dististyles.  The aedeagus between the dorsal parameres is dark, but this trait is shared with some other species.  Panorpa galerita has hypovalves that are widest at mid-length; ventral parameres that extend half the length of the dististyles, but do not  have long spines on the apical third; and dististyles with a greatly swollen basal lobe area about two-third the length of the dististyle and a large basal tooth.  There are some heavy, dark setae at inner apex of the basistyles.


Distribution – Geographical:  This is a northern species found from New Jersey northward to New England and Quebec, and westward to Wisconsin.


Distribution- Temporal:  late May to early July.


Ecology:  This species prefers very moist forests of beech, maple, yellow birch, and hemlock, resting on the ferns found at ground level (Byers, 1962).


Biology:  Nothing is known of immature stages or life history.


Notes:  This is the species identified as P. subfurcata by many early workers.  The true P. subfurcata was clarified by Byers in1962 and a new name for this species was designated by him (Byers, 1962).  The large hood-like expansion over much of the dististyles and the large basal tooth make this species very distinctive.  The ventral parameres are unbranched and gradually tapered, with long bristles basally, becoming shorter at mid-length, and absent on the distal third.




Byers, G.W. 1962. Type specimens of Nearctic Mecoptera in European museums, including descriptions of new species. Annals of the Entomological Society of America, 55:466-476.



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