­­Panorpa longicornis  Carpenter, 1931


Diagnosis:  This species is part of a small species group in which the forewings have three complete bands across the wings and no basal spots along the leading edge of the wings.  Males have long, thin hypovalves that reach the base of the dististyles, and long ventral valves that extend well beyond the base of the dististyles.  The male dististyles of this group have the basal lobe modified as two large, medially oriented, flattened lobes, one on the ventral edge and one on the dorsal edge of basal lobe.  Panorpa longicornis has ventral parameres that extend almost to the tips of the dististyles.


Distribution – geographical:  This species is found at the lower elevations of the mountains of eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina (Carpenter, 1931) and western Virginia (Gurney, 1937).


Distribution – Temporal: According to Carpenter (1931) no adult specimens are known from June or July, indicating a probability of two broods per year, one in the spring and one in the fall.


Ecology:  This species is found along streams in moist forests on the upper slopes of the Appalachians (Byers, 1954).


Biology:  Nothing is known of immature stages or life history.


Notes:  This species is closely related to P. carolinensis and P. subfurcataPanorpa carolinensis is easily separated by the thickened ventral parameres that curve sharply medially and thus extend only slightly beyond the base of the dististyles.  Panorpa subfurcata has an expanded dorsal edge of the basal lobe that ends in an acute point.




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