Panorpa rufescens  Rambur, 1842


Diagnosis:  This species is part of a species group that has one marginal spot along the base of the forewing costal margin, and shading along many of the distal crossveins; males with narrow hypovalves;  and dististyles with a basal lobe that is apically truncate and bears a row of spines along the dorsal margin.  The ventral parameres have lateral props to the inner wall of the basistyles.  In Panorpa rufescens the apex of the basistyles bear no long, thick bristles and the ventral parameres are short and have a small fan of apical bristles that do not extend to the base of the dististyles.


Distribution – Geographical:  This is an east coast species whose range extends from New Hampshire south to Maryland and inland as far west as Pennsylvania and Michigan.


Distribution – Temporal:  May to September.


Ecology:  This appears to be a coastal species in New England with inland records along the shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario (Carpenter, 1931) and into southern Ontario, Canada


Biology:  Nothing is known of immature stages or life history.


Notes:  Earlier records from southeastern states actually refer to more recently described species in this group, such as P. acuminata, P. ruplecana and P. robusta (Byers, 1993) as well as the reinterpreted species P. venosa (see Byers, 1962).




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