Panorpa subfurcata  Westwood, 1842


Diagnosis:  Wings with three complete bands; pterostigmal band with posterior branch sometimes interrupted.  Male with anal horn.   Hypovalves long and thin, reaching apex of  basistyles.  Ventral parameres extremely long and straight, reaching almost to tip of dististyles.  Dorsal valves sclerotized, narrowly separated, with V-shaped space between them.  Basal lobe (appendix) of dististyle with flat dorsal plate medially acutely and darkly pointed.  Large, curved ventral lobe surrounding part of ventral parameres.


Distribution – Geographical:  This is a northern species found from New England and New Jersey northward to Quebec and westward to Wisconsin (Byers, 1954).


Distribution – Temporal:  Adults can be found from May to August.  There appears to only be a single generation per year.


Ecology:  “The vegetation of this habitat includes rhododendron, hem1ock. and red maple, with a lush undergrowth of herbage and ferns.  In northern Michigan, most of the specimens were taken in swampy areas, the typical vegetation of which is recorded as birch-maple-hcmlock, or

yellow birch-hemlock, with luxuriant undergrowth” (Byers, 1954).


Biology:  Nothing is known of immature stages or life history.


Notes:  Byers (1962) in his original description of Panorpa subulifera separated it from Panorpa subfurcata on the basis of slight yellow tinge of the wing membrane, a truncate apex of the basal lobe of the dististyle, and less bulging appearance of the basal lobes of Panorpa subulifera.  The length of the ventral parameres has been found to be generally the same in these two species.  The geographical distribution of P. subulifera is also more southern, being found in Pennsylvania and the Appalachians.  There is a good argument to be made that Panorpa subulifera is only a southern population of P subfurcataPanora modesta and Panorpa signifier have been found to be synonyms of P. subfurcata (Byers, 1962a,b; 1974).




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