Panorpa virginica  Banks, 1906


Diagnosis: This species is a member of the virginica group that has wings with three complete bands and no humeral spots along the basal margin; males with a horn on the 6th abdominal tergite; male hypovalves that are very thin and extend to the base of the dististyles; ventral parameres that are unbranched, straight, and apically barbed; darkened medial core of the aedeagus; basal lobes of the dististyles with large projections; and male 9th tergite with rounded apico-medial indentation and relatively wide apical lobes (only about twice as long and broad). This species is also part of the virginica subgroup with wings that have slightly yellow-tinted wings.  Panorpa virginica can be separated from other members of the group by the minimal markings of the wings, including a medially interrupted basal band, and basal cup of the dististyles that includes an acute dorsal lobe and a medial lobe. 


Distribution – Geographical:  This species is found along the Atlantic Coastal states from Connecticut to Georgia.  Byers (1973) has described the range as “eastern Appalachian foothills and mountain valleys, with one or two records from the Atlantic coastal plain.”


Distribution – Temporal:  August to October (Byers, 1954).


Ecology:  I have seen no description of the habitat for this species.


Biology:  Nothing is known of immature stages or life history.


Notes:  According to Byers (1973) this species is most similar to P. hungerfordi, but differs in the shape of the hood over the basal lobe of the dististyle and presence of a small tooth at the mesal end of this hood where it attaches to the dististyle.




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