Bicaubittacus sonani

Bicaubittacus sonani  (Issiki, 1929)

The very small male epiandrial lobes places this species in Bicaubittacus.  The epiandrial lobes are about the same length as the cerci and about ½ the length of the basistyles.  Other distinctive characteristics include a dentate base of the aedeagus and small denticles at the apicodorsal margin of the epiandrial lobes.

Distribution – Geographical
:  This species is endemic to Taiwan.  Within the island it is known only from Sungkang (= Mt. Tattaka).

Distribution – Temporal
:  The only known specimen was collected on 3 June 1927 at 2133 m (7000 ft.) by J. Sonan.

:  This specimen was collected at what seems like extraordinarily high elevation.

:  Nothing is known of its life history or immature stages.

Notes:  This species is named for Jinhaku Sonan who collected many of the Mecoptera specimens used in Dr. Issiki’s descriptions.  More about his life can be found at


Issiki, S. 1929. Descriptions of new Mecoptera from the Japanese Empire.Transactions of the Natural History Society of Taiwan, 19:260-314.


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