Bittacus chujoi

Bittacus chujoi  Issiki & Cheng, 1947


Diagnosis:  Wings with minimal shading at crossveins and no shading at the origin of the radial sector and at the first fork of the Radius vein.  Extensive shading at the wingtip.  Apical crossvein between Cu and A1 absent.  Male epiandrial lobes mitten-shaped with protruding lower, thumb-like projection.


Distribution – Geographical:  This species is known only from Rimogan [=Ilan County, Fushan Forest Research Centre, 24°45.597’N, 121°35.267’E ].


Distribution – Temporal:  This species has apparently only been collected once: 2 ♂♂, and 1♀ were collected on 13 May 1933 by M. Chujo.


Ecology:  This locality is a forested area at 670 m elevation.


Biology:  Nothing is known of the immature stages and life history of this species.



Issiki, S. and F.-Y. Cheng. 1947. Formosan Mecoptera with Descriptions of New Species. Memoirs of the

College of Agriculture, national Taiwan University, 1:1-17.


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