Bittacus maculatus  Issiki, 1927

Diagnosis: Wings with heavy dark markings at origin of Rs, at first fork of radial sector, and along crossveins Apical crossveins between Cu and 1A absent.  No darkening of wing apices. Male epiandrial lobes shorter than basistyles and with evenly rounded apices.  Base of aedeagus, in caudal view, bulbous dorsally on either side of central shaft.


Distribution - Geographical: This species is still known only from the original collection from Koshun (= Hengchun, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, 21°57'50.76"N, 120°44'20.87"E).


Distribution - Temporal: 2 and 2 were collected in May, 1918 by J. Sonan.


Ecology: The type locality is a hot, lowland area only about 50 m above sea level.  Forests in this area tend to be lower and more open than wetter areas further to the north.


Biology: The life history and immature stages of this species are unknown.




Issiki, S. 1927. New and Rare Species of Mecoptera from Corea, Formosa and Japan. Insecta Matsumurana, 2:1-12


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