Neopanorpa gradana  Cheng, 1952

:  This species has dark vertex medially and paler coloration near compound eyes.  Meso- and metanota dark medially and pale yellow laterally, near wing bases.  Forewing with basal band represented by two large spots, and 3 small marginal spots fused.  Male genital bulb with hypovalves that extend beyond base of dististyles and apically broad and rounded.

Distribution – Geographical
:  This species is known from Karenko (= Hualien County, Hualien City, 23°59’20/03”N, 121°36’40.04”E), <50 m, 23 March 1948, Hu, 1♂ (Cheng Collection); Kaohsiung County, Jiaxian Township, 10-11 km NE Chiahsien, 23.1151°N, 120.6381°E, 300 m, 3-8 July 1980, D.R. Davis, 1♀ (USNM); Kansi rei, Guanziling Township,Tainan County, 23.3475°N, 120.482°E, April or October, S. Issiki, 4♂♂, 2♀♀ (USNM).

Distribution – Temporal
:  The only known specimens of this species have been collected in late March and July.

:  Hualien City is a coastal town midway along the east coast.  The area contains rugged, forested  mountains subject to warm lowland temperatures and strong prevailing winds from the east.

:  Nothing is known of immature stages or life history.

:  This species is one of five Taiwan species with meso- and metanota that are pale laterally and dark medially.  Together with N. k-maculata, males of this species have long hypovalves that extend well beyond the bases of the dististyles and are apically broad and rounded.  The shape of these hypovalves, together with the wing markings can separate these two species.

The female of this species is still unknown.


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