Neopanorpa k-maculata  Cheng, 1952

:  This is one of the largest species of panorpid in Taiwan.  The forewing membrane is tinted yellow with wide apical and pterostigmal bands.  There is an oblique band to the pterostigmal band from a marginal spot.  Three basal spots further define the forewing warkings.  The male has hypovalves that extend well beyond the bases of the dististyles, are apically rounded and face medially.  The dististyles are as long as the basistyles.  The female genital plate has no axial portion and the lateral appendages are flared, not parallel to each other.

Distribution – Geographical
:  Ta-shu-lin, Takao Hsien, 27 April 1948, F.-Y. Cheng, 1♂, 1♀ (holotype and allotype)(Cheng Collection); same data, 7♂♂, 1♀ (paratypes)(NTU); same data, 2♂♂, 1♀ (MCZ); Chiayi County, Alishan Township, Arisan [Alishan], 23°26’ 04.06” N, 120°46’42.13”, October, S. Issiki, 1♀ (USNM); Taoyuan, Upper Palin, 600 m, 11 April 1998, R.B. Miller, L.A. Stange, and H.-Y. Wang (FSCA).

Distribution – Temporal
: April and October.  This may indicate two generations per year.

:  The Alishan locality is high montane forest, with cool temperatures and relatively high rainfall.

:  Nothing is known of immature stages or life cycle.

:  The size of this species (forewing length = 20 mm) rivals that of Neopanorpa magna.  They are both high altitude species found in the Alishan area.  They can be easily told apart by the K-shaped pterostigmal band of this species, as opposed to the Y-shaped band of N. magna

     The International Code of Zoological Nomenclature Article 32.5.2 states that an original name with a hyphen must be corrected.  However, the name kmaculata without the hyphen looks so awkward that I have chosen the keep the hyphen for clarity and pronunciation purposes.


Byers, G.W.  1994.  Taiwanese species of Neopanorpa (Insecta: Mecoptera: Panorpidae).  Annals of the Carnegie Museum  63(2):185-192.

Cheng, F.-y. 1952. Additions to the Mecopterous Fauna of Formosa. Psyche. 59:89-95





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