Panorpa akasakai  Issiki, 1929b

Diagnosis: Males of this species have hypovalves that are narrow, separated almost to the base of the 9th sternite, and extend about 2/3 the length of the basistyle.  There are two thick spines at the apex of each basistyle.  The basal lobe at the base of the dististyles is a flat plate. The ventral parameres originate near the base of the genital bulb, are unbranched, extend slightly beyond base of dististyles, and have a brush of hairs at mid-length.  The hamulus is surrounded by black pigment.  Female subgenital plate narrow and acutely pointed at the tip.  Genital plate narrow, with axial portion only flared slightly at tip and extended almost half its length beyond basal plate.

Distribution – Geographical: 
This species was originally described from Arisan (= Alishan, Alishan Township, Chiayi County, 23°26’14.91”N, 120°46’53.73”E, 11 September 1926, S. Akasaka, 5♂♂, 3♀♀  (depository ?).  Yie (1951) records this species from Hakkō (= Paikou = Pai-kou-nan Shan, Heping Township, Taichung County, 24°10.0’N, 121°05.6’E), 2000m, October; Bōkyōzan, 2300 m, August; Jujiro ( = Shihtyutsun), 1700 m, September.  Additional specimens include:  Alishan, 18 August 1947, J.L. Gressitt, 1♂, 3♀♀ (CAS).

Distribution – Temporal: 
Adults appear to emerge in late summer and early fall.

This species appears to be collected in cool, moist montane forests.

Yie (1951) indicates that there are 44.4 eggs per egg cluster.  The morphology and development of immature stages is presented in this paper.

Issiki and Cheng (1947) designated a ♀ allotype collected at Alishan on 12 September 1925, S. Issiki (NTU).  However, no holotype was ever designated from the original syntype series.

This species was named for the collector of the type series, S. Akasaka.


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