Panorpa esakii  Issiki, 1929b

Males of this species have short, narrow hypovalves that only extend about 2/3 the length of the basistyles and are cleft almost to the base of the 9th sternite medially.   There are stiff bristles along the medial edge of each hypovalve.  The ventral parameres are thin and unbranched and reach to the basal lobe of the dististyles.  The dorsal valves are also elongate and narrow but reach only to the base of the dististyles.  There is a dark medial spot at the base of the eadeagus between the dorsal valves.  Female subgenital plate is quite elongate and narrow, without an apical notch.

Distribution – Geographical:
 Arisan (= Alishan, Alishan Township, Chiayi County, 23°26’07.68”N, 120°46’51.48”E), 4168 ft. [1,270 m], 24 August 1921, Prof. T. Esaki, 1♂ (depository ?).  Issiki & Cheng (1947) record this species from: Arisan, 17 September 1937, 1♀ (Yie Collection).  Yie (1951) records this species from Iwaiyama, 2500 m, September.

Distribution – Temporal: 
Only collected in late August and mid- September.

Alishan is cool, moist, montaneforest.

Nothing is known of immature stages and life cycle.

This species is named for Professor Teiso Esaki, a Hemiptera taxonomist of Kyushu University and first collector of this species..


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