Panorpa horiensis  Issiki, 1929a

This is the only species of panorpid  in Taiwan with a horn on the 6th abdominal tergite of males.  The vertex is orange, and meso- and metanota are completely black.  In the male genital bulb, the ventral parameres are short, blade-like, apically tapered with setae along the mesal surface.  The aedeagus has a pair of flat, apically rounded dorsal lobes.

Distribution – Geographical: 
This species was originally described from Hori (Polisha)(= Puli, Puli Township, Nantou County , 23.9935°N, 120.9646°E), 10 May 1913, M. Maki, 3♂♂, 3♀♀ (depository ?); and Musha (= Musya = Mushi = Wushe, Ren-ai Township, Nantou County, 24.02655°N, 121.11753°E), 18 May 1919, J. Sonan, 1♂ (depository ?)(Issiki, 1929a).  Yie (1951) recorded this species from Sankakuhō ( = Meifeng), 2300 m, May.  Additional records are: Higasinōkō (= Tungnunkao = East Nenggao, 24.0226°N, 121.3055°E), 3 June 1943, S. Issiki, 1♂ (USNM); Hsinchu County, Shei-pa National Park, Wu-Lu East trail, 24°30.095’N, 121°07.439’E, 2043 m, 30 April 2010, A. & N. Penny, Tsou Mei-Hua, and Chi-Feng Lee, 1♂ (CAS).


Distribution – Temporal:  Records indicate a late April to early June emergence.

This species is found in forested areas at relatively high altitudes.

Nothing is known of immature stages or life cycle.

Issiki (1927) had originally indicated that the series of specimens collected at Polisha in 1913 was Panorpa concolor E.-P.  Issiki & Cheng (1947) indicate that a ♀ allotype, collected by “M. Marki”[sic] was deposited in NTU.


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