Panorpa issikii  Penny & Byers, 1979


Diagnosis:  Forewings with broad dark bands: apical band complete; pterostigmal band forked, with distal fork not reaching hind margin; basal band reduced to one spot along hind margin.  Male hypovalves short, only reaching half way to apex of basistyles, narrow and slightly divergent and medially cleft almost to base of 9th sternite; ventral parameres short, straight, unbranched, only extending to base of dististyles.  Dorsal valves of aedeagus also short, acutely pointed, and extending only to base of dististyles.  Medial cleft between dorsal valves with dark spot at base.


Distribution – Geographical:  Taroko Valley  ( = Taroko National Park, 24°19’35.52”N, 121°25’00.01”E), 25 October 1930, 1♂ (NTU).  Yie (1951) records this species from Suiroku (= Chui-lu = Ta-tuan-yai, a part of Taroko National Park, 24°10’59.83”N, 121°32’47.93”E), October.  This latter locality is probably just a more precise description of the original type locality.

Distribution – Temporal: 
The only record for this species is from 25 October.

Chui-lu, Taroko National Park is a cool, moist, montane forest environment.

Nothing is known of immature stages or life cycle.

This species was originally named Panorpa acuta Issiki & Cheng, 1947, a junior homonym of Panorpa acuta  Carpenter, 1931.  This error was corrected in 1979 when Penny and Byers renamed the species for Syuti Issiki, one of the original describers and author of many of the Taiwanese species.

The ♀ is unknown.

The male genitalia of this species appear to be very similar to those of Panorpa esakii, but can be separated by the lack of long, stiff bristles along the inner margin of the hypovalves, as well as much less pigmentation on the wings.


Issiki, S. and F.-Y. Cheng
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