Panorpa longiramina  Issiki & Cheng, 1947

Males of this species have a genital bulb with very short, thick hypovalves that reach only 2/3 the length of the dististyles with a short medial cleft, leaving a long, broad 9th sternite.  The ventral parameres are divided into three setose branches: one angled medially from the base; one short medial branch with long apical setae; and a long, lateral branch that extends beyond the basal lobe of the dististyles.

Distribution – Geographical: 
Originally described from Taiheisan (= Ta-shu-lin, Takao Hsien = Dahan Mountain, Chunrih, Pingtung County, 22.4021°N, 120.7023°E), 9 May 1942, S. Issiki, 1♂, 1♀ (holotype, allotype – NTU); Musha (= Wushe, Ren-ai, Nantou County, 24.02655°N, 121.11753°E), 18 May – 15 June 1919, T. Okuni, J. Sonan, K. Miy., and M. Yosh., 1♂ (paratype – NTU); Arisan ( = Alishan, Alishan Township, Chiayi County, 23°26’09.72”N, 120°46’46.98”E), June 1914, M. Maki, 2♂♂ (paratypes – NTU); 29 April 1917, J. Sonan, 1♂ (paratype – NTU); 26 April 1931, T. Shiraki, 1♂ (paratype – NTU); Horishia ( = Puli, Puli Township, Nantou County, 23°59’56.52”N, 120°59’48.09”E), 10 May 1913, M. Maki, 5♂♂ (paratypes – NTU).  Yie (1951) recorded this species from Yü-shih (Miharashi)[perhaps Nantou County, Ren-ai Township, 24°02’52”N, 121°09’22”E), 1700 m; May and June.  Additional records include:  Taiheisan, (= Ta-shu-lin, Takao Hsien = Dahan Mountain, Chunrih, Pingtung County)(22.4021°N, 120.7023°E), 1900 m, 9 May 1942, S. Issiki, 2♂♂, 1♀ (USNM); Highway 31, km 36, Nantou County, 23°31.905’N, 120°53.802’E, 2140 m, A. & N. Penny, C.-F. Lee, and Ta-Hsiang Lee, 2♂♂ (CAS).


Distribution – Temporal:  Records exist for late April until June.

This species appears to inhabit cool, moist, montane forests at rather high elevations.

The morphology and development of the immature stages is discussed by Yie (1951).

This species was named “longiramina” for the distinctive long branches of the male ventral parameres.


Issiki, S. and F.-Y. Cheng
. 1947. Formosan Mecoptera with Descriptions of New Species. Memoirs of the College of Agriculture, national Taiwan University, 1:1-17.

Yie, S.-T
. 1951. The Biology of Formosan Panorpidae and Morphology of Eleven Species of theirimmature Stages. Memoirs of the College of Agriculture, National Taiwan University, 2(4):1-111.




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