Panorpa ochraceocauda  Issiki, 1927

Vertex of head and thoracic nota black, without medial pale stripe.  Male hypovalves broad and short, only about 2/3 length of basistytles.  Medial cleft between hypovalves broad, but not very long.  Ventral parameres short, arising at mid-length of basistyle, branched.  Lateral branch of ventral paramere a short brush of thick bristles, with basal flat plate.  Two basal branches of ventral parmeres angled obliquely towards medial line.  Female genital plate with broad, paddle-like lateral arms.

Distribution – Geographical: 
Originally described from Tattaka, May 1927, K. Fukuda, 1♂, 1♀ (depository ?); same locality, 20 July 1925, S. Issiki, 1♀ (depository ?).  Yie (1951) recorded this species from Mt. Rantaisan ( = Lantashan), 2100 m, May.  Additional records are: no specific locality or date, S. Issiki, 1♂ (USNM); Taichung County, DA Shue Shan, 24°15.264’N, 121°00.457’E, 2243 m, 22 April 2010, Chen Yen-Lin, 2♂♂  (CAS); Hsinchu County, Shei-Pa National Park, Wa-lu East, 24°30.057’N, 121°07.439’E, 2043 m, 30 April 2010, A. & N. Penny, Tsou Mei-Hua, and C.–F. Lee, 2♂♂, 1♀ (CAS); same localityand collectors, except 1 May 2010, 2♂♂ (CAS); Shei-Pa National Park, Wa-lu West, 24°30.057’N, 121°06.755’E, 2057 m, 1 May 2010, A. & N. Penny, Tsou Mei-Hua, and C.-F. Lee, 1♂, 1♀ (CAS). 

Distribution – Temporal: 
Adults of this species emerge between late April and late July.

This species is found in high, cool, moist, montane forests.  Many of the individuals in Shei-Pa National Park were collected at flowers high in the trees (at 5 m height).

Yie (1951) indicates that there are 38.8 eggs per egg cluster.  The morphology and development of the immature stages is discussed.

Apparently there has been no lectotype or neotype designated.


Issiki, S
. 1927. New and Rare Species of Mecoptera from Corea, Formosa and Japan.  Insecta Matsumurana, 2:1-12.

Yie, S.-T
.  1951.  The Biology of Formosan Panorpidae and Morphology of Eleven Species of their immature Stages.  Memoirs of the College of Agriculture, National Taiwan University  2(4):1-111.







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