Panorpa taiwanensis  Issiki, 1929b

This is one of the Taiwanese species of Panorpa in which males have narrow hypovalves with deep medial cleft.  The ventral parameres are unbranched, but with a short process near the setiferous apex.  Dorsal lobes of aedeagus apically bilobed and rounded.  Meso-and metanota with broad, pale, medial stripe.

Distribution – Geographical: 
Originally described from Mt. Rantaisan, 3-5 June 1927, S. Issiki, 3♂♂ (depository ?); Mt. Arisan ( = Alishan), 30 August, J. Sonan and K. Shibata, 2♂♂ (depository ?).  An additional ♀ from Mt. Rantaisan, collected on 3 June 1927 by S. Issiki and deposited in NTU was designated allotype by Issiki and Cheng (1947).  Yie (1951) recorded this species from Bōkyōzan, 2300 m, August; and Arisan (= Alishan), 2200 m, September.

Distribution – Temporal: 
This species has been collected in June, August, and September.

 The Alishan locality is high, cool, moist, montane forest.

Yie (1951) indicates that there are 27.7 eggs per egg cluster..

This species is named for the island of Taiwan.  Apparently no lectotype has ever been designated from the type series.


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