Panorpa yiei  Issiki & Cheng, 1947

  This is one of the Panorpa species with narrow hypovalves that are deeply cleft medially.  Ventral parameres are unbranched a reach to apex of basistyles.  Dorsal valves are wide and each is broadly bilobed at apex.  Female with tiny apical notch to subgenital plate.  Genital plate complex, with multiple anterior lobes to anterior plate.  Wings are heavily pigmented with complete apical band; complete pterostigmal band, with interrupted posterior branch; basal band reduced to one spot along posterior margin.

Distribution – Geographical: 
Originally described from Arisan ( = Alishan, Alishan Township, Chiayi County), 23°26’08.72”N, 120°46’42.47”E, 2200 m, 9 August 1947, S. Yie, 1♂ (Issiki Collection); same locality, except 3 August 1947, Chuan Lung Lee, 1♀ (Issiki Collection); same data as holotype, 2♀♀ (S. Yie Collection).

Distribution – Temporal: 
Only known from these two dates in August.

Alishan is high, cool, moist, montane forest.

Nothing is known of immature stages or life cycle.

This species was named for Dr. Shi-Tao Yie, Professor of Entomology at National Taiwan University and avid student of Mecoptera.


Issiki, S. and F.-Y. Cheng
. 1947. Formosan Mecoptera with Descriptions of New Species. Memoirs of the College of Agriculture, national Taiwan University, 1:1-17.




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