Charles Stearns Memorial Grant-In-Aid for Herpetological Research
at the California Academy of Sciences

Year Awarded Recipients Establishment
1991-1992 Gregory J. Colwell Ohio University

Brad Hollingsworth San Diego State University

1992-1993 Tom Barlow Villanova University

Joseph Mendelsohn III University of Kansas

Kevin S. Baldwin University of Florida

Kathryn Hanley University of California, San Diego

1993-1994 Van Wallach Northeastern University

Kelly Zamudio University of Washington

Heidi Robeck San Francisco State University

1994-1995 David Pepin Washington Univesity (St. Louis)

Ronaldo Fernandez University of Texas at Arlington

Jeffery R. Parmelee University of Kansas

1995-1996 Mahmood Sasa University of Texas at Arlington

James Vonesh University of Florida

Helio da Silva University of Kansas

1996-1997 Rafe M. Brown Miami University (Ohio)

James A. Schulte II Washington University (St. Louis)

Ronald L. Gutberlet, Jr. University of Texas at Arlington

Julio M. Hoyos Mus. Nat. d'Histoire Naturalle, Paris

1997-1998 Jimmy A. McGuire University of Texas at Austin

Frank T. Burbrink Louisana State University

Christopher A. Shiel University of Kansas

Travis J. LaDuc University of Texas at Austin

Jessica A. Maisano Yale University

Lance D. McBrayer Ohio University

Catharine Pook University of Bankok (Wales)

1998-1999 Dwight Lawson University of Texas, Arlington

Stephanie Gardner Utah State University

Elizabeth Scott University of the Western Cape (RSA)

Arvin Diesmos University of the Philippines, Los Banos

1999-2000 Jennifer Yeh University of Texas, Austin
  Chris Caprette Ohio State University
  Demetri Theodoratus University of Texas, Arlington

Thomas J. Devitt

Louisiana State University
  Chris Feldman Washington University (St. Louis)
  Mathys J. Meyer Illinois State University
  Carol Spencer University of Texas, Arlington
2001-2002 Sayantan Biswas George Washington University
  Jesse M. Meik University of Texas, Austin
2002-2003 Shawn Vincent Tulane University, New Orleans
  Carolina Monteiro University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
  Jonathan Q. Richmond University of Connecticut, Storrs
2003-2004 Lara D. Roketenetz John Carroll University
  Hugo Alamillo University of Missouri
  Barbara L. Banbury University of Missouri
2004-2005 M. Firoz Ahmed Utkal University, Orissa India
  Simon P. Loader London, Natural History Museum
  C. M. Gienger University of Nevada, Reno
2005-2006 Amanda Cottone Villanova University
  Xavier Glaudas University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  Michael Jorgensen John Carroll University
  Ali Rabatsky University of Louisiana
  AHM Ali Reza Texas Tech University
  Heyo Tjarks California State University, Chico
2006-2007 Jonathan Brecko

University of Antwerp

  Eric J. McElroy                           Ohio University
2007-2008 Giovanna Montingelli       University of Sao Paoulo
  Lucinda Lawson                                      University of Chicago
  Cameron Siler                                      University of Kansas
2008-2009 Charles W. Linkem                           University of Kansas
  Xavier Glaudas                           University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  Michael Jorgensen                           University of Ohio


Brett Stearns Award for Chelonian Research
at the California Academy of Sciences

Year Awarded Recipients Establishment
1999-2000 Jarmo Perãlã University of Bristol (UK)

Walter Joyce

Yale University
  Igor Danilov Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia
2003-2004 Gabe S. Bever University of Texas, Austin
2008-2009 Ylenia Chiari University of Montpellier

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  • California Academy of Sciences
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  • San Francisco, CA 94118
  • 415-379-5292 (direct)


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February 21, 2014


natural history collection

The Importance of Natural History Collections


Front Cover Hearst Publication

CAS Special Publication: The Coral Triangle - The 2011 Hearst Philippine Biodiversity Expedition


The old saying “You are what you eat” takes on new significance in the most comprehensive analysis to date of early human teeth from Africa.

Our ancestors used to dine almost exclusively on leaves and fruits from trees, shrubs and herbs until 3.5mya when a major shift occurred, according to four new simultaneously published studies.

A series of 4 scientific papers shows evidence of an expanding variety of plant foods, written into the enamel of fossil teeth.