The Academy's Rich Ichthyological Heritage

Rosa S. Eigenmann

Rosa (Smith) EigenmannCurator of Zoology (1884-1886?)

Barton W. Evermann

Barton W. Evermann, Director, Executive Curator and Curator of Fishes (1914-1932)

David Starr Jordan

David Starr Jordan (r), President

Alvin Seale

Alvin Seale, Aquarium Director

Earl S. Herald

Earl S. Herald, Aquarium Director, 1948-1973

Lillian J. Dempster

Lillian J. DempsterCurator, Dept. of Ichthyology (1946-1992)

W.I. Follett

W.I. FollettCurator, Dept. of Ichthyology (1947-1969)

William N. Eschmeyer

William N. Eschmeyer, Curator, Dept. of Ichthyology (1967-2006)

Tomio Iwamoto

Tomio Iwamoto, Curator, Dept. of Ichthyology (1972-2010)

John McCosker

John E. McCoskerAquarium Director (1973-1995), Curator, Dept. of Aquatic Biology (1995-present)

Others (not pictured)
H. Walton ClarkAquarium Collector and Curator of Ichthyology (1923-1941)
William N. LockingtonCurator of Zoology
William O. AyresFirst Curator of Zoology
Wilbert M. ChapmanAquarium Director and Curator of Ichthyology (1943-1947)