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Part I. The Species of Fishes
(William N. Eschmeyer, Carl J. Ferraris, Jr., Mysi Dang Hoang, and Douglas J. Long)

Part II. Species in a Classification
(William N. Eschmeyer)

Part III. The Genera of Fishes
(William N. Eschmeyer, with assistance from Reeve M. Bailey)

Part IV. Genera in a Classification
(William N. Eschmeyer)

Part V. Literature Cited
(William N. Eschmeyer, Mysi Dang Hoang, Carl J. Ferraris, Jr. and Douglas J. Long)

Appendix A. Species and Genera of Fishes and the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature
(William N. Eschmeyer)

Appendix B. Opinions and Other Actions of the International Commission Involving Fishes
(William N. Eschmeyer, Barbara Weitbrecht, and William F. Smith-Vaniz)


Catalog of Fishes

Catalog of FishesThe Catalog of Fishes is the authoritative reference for taxonomic fish names, featuring a searchable on-line database.

Catalog of Fishes Glossary

Glossary of terms used in the Catalog of Fishes.

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Classification of fishes used in the Catalog


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