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Collecting in New Caledonia:

2014 Philippine Biodiversity Expedition

bristle-tailed filefishIchthyology participated in the Academy's 2014 Philippine Biodiversity Expedition and returned with samples of over 400 species of fishes. Read the expedition blog.


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Ichthyology Blog

It might not look like much, but the Social Wrasse (Halichoeres socialis), is one of the most threatened marine fishes in the world today.The Social Wrasse is tiny, adults are rarely larger than 5 cm (2 in) in length, and has a very specialized way of life. They only live in mangrove islands located in […]
Researchers from the University of Hawaii (Brian Bowen), James Cook University (Howard Choat), King Abdullah University (Michael Berumen) and CAS (Luiz Rocha) are departing tonight from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Djibouti. We spent the last day working out logistics with the support from Mike’s lab and students at the amazing campus of King Abdullah University […]
Ichthyology curator Luiz Rocha will be taking off this weekend for a collecting trip in Saudi Arabia and Djibouti. This trip is partly funded by National Geographic, and the team of collaborators include researchers from King Abdullah University (Saudi Arabia), James Cook University (Australia) and the University of Hawaii. Updates will be posted often, so […]
Ichthyology curator Luiz Rocha is departing today to the Philippines to be an instructor at the workshop "Genomic Applications to Marine Science and Resource Management in South East Asia".
We are finally here, and the most important piece of equipment onboard, the compressor to fill our scuba tanks, breaks down. It is unfortunate, and we will certainly be more prepared next time. But there are still some things we can do just snorkelling. Large schools of fish were a common sight. And with that […]
The Parcel Manuel Luiz is a marine State Park, and it is truly amazing how different it is to dive in a protected area. During our first dive we saw many large fish, usually not seen in areas frequented by fishermen. Our first dive also brought a welcome surprise. During my last trip to the […]