The fringed darter, Etheostoma crossopterum, also has been a research subject since 1997 when it was discovered in Illinois (Poly and Wilson, 1998; Poly, 2000, 2003), and additional studies are underway presently. Below is a picture of a nuptial male fringed darter.
Etheostoma crossopterum
fringed darter eggs
Eggs of a fringed darter, Etheostoma crossopterum,from Illinois (Spring 2001, photo by W.J. Poly).

Argulus (Crustacea: Branchiura)

Taxonomy of the genus Argulus and other Branchiura worldwide.

Pirate Perch

pirate perchAn unusual and unique method of spawning by the pirate perch.

Trimusculotrema (Capsalidae)

A new species of the genus Trimusculotrema, parasites of stingrays.