Geology is the study of the Earth - a multidisciplinary science where earth scientists use aspects of physics, chemistry, biology and other fields to study earth history, materials, structure, and the processes that act upon the earth. Traditionally, geology is more of a field oriented science rather than a laboratory one, and remains that way today.  Rocks, minerals, and fossils make up substantial parts of our research and collections in the Academy‚Äôs IZG department.

Staff Scientists

Curators - Dr. Peter Roopnarine; Dr. Rich Mooi
Curatorial Assistant - Sara Mansfield, Shelly Willard
Adjunct Curators - Dr. Louie Marincovich
Collection Manager - Dr. Jean DeMouthe

Research Associates -



Paleontology Laboratory

The Roopnarine Paleontology Lab is housed in the Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Geology. The department also houses the invertebrate and vertebrate fossil collections, the paleobotanical collection, the micropaleontology collections, and the gem and mineral collections.