Bibliography of the Onychophora

Michael T. Ghiselin


Onychophora is a small group of very primitive arthropods that are interesting to evolutionary biologists for that very reason, but otherwise are of very little use to anybody. They have often been treated as an independent phylum, but such a maneuver conceals their relationships to other organisms.  One alternative that has been popular of late has been to put onychophorans and other arthropods (Arthropoda s.s.) in a larger assemblage called Panarthropoda (Arthropoda s.l.).


This bibliography was assembled over a period of years as an incidental byproduct of research on reproductive biology and the history of science.  It is intended as a scholarly tool for professional biologists, and lists just about all of the scholarly literature on the group.  There are a fair number of popular articles as well. Onychophorans are often mentioned in textbooks, encyclopedias as the like, but such material is not listed here.  A modest number of books and articles containing material on the Onychophora of significant interest to fans of the group are listed, but coverage of that kind of literature is by no means complete.


Strenuous efforts have been made to assure the accuracy and the completeness of the citations.  I have checked virtually all of them against the originals, and the number of errors has thereby been greatly reduced, but doubtless not to zero.  If you find any errors, or if I have left something out, please let me know.  I am anxious to receive copies of new publications, not just in order to list them, but to read them as well.  I read French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. 

Onychophora Bibliography