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In a cooperative effort to publish primary sources, the California Academy of Sciences Archives has completed the digitization of five additional field books as a part of Connecting Content, a National Leadership Grant funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services.  Field books record the time, date, location, and circumstances under which a specimen […]
Over the past two years, the California Academy of Sciences has been selecting and photographing a selection of finch specimens collected during the Academy’s 1905-1906 Galapagos expedition as part of Connecting Content grant. The Institute for Museum and Library Services funded grant aims to digitize field books and related specimens and allow for the creation […]
For the past four months, I have had the pleasure of working with the California Academy of Sciences as Information Connections Research Intern on Connecting Content—a project to digitize field books and natural history collections from seven partnering institutions, generate metadata for each, and link these digitized collections to published work in a variety of […]
Here at California Academy of Sciences I work on the Global Plants Initiative (GPI) project in the Botany department. Like Connecting Content, it aims to provide scientific resources and materials to the public through an online platform. In the instance of GPI the materials are botanical type specimens, which are, simply put, the specimen cited […]
The California Academy of Sciences Library is pleased to announce that The Rollo Beck Galapagos Expedition Journal is now accessible online via the Biodiversity Heritage Library.  The Beck field notes are the first test submission to the Connecting Content field note scanning project. Their successful inclusion into BHL marks many months of planning, effort, and […]
I came into my museum studies program with an interest in digitizing collections.  I had volunteered on a project photographing butterflies, which introduced me to the possibilities of improving collections access while preserving fragile specimens.  Throughout my classes, sections on digital access always piqued my interest, so when I heard about the opportunity with Connecting […]

Field Books available through iTunes-U

A selection of field note books digitized through the Connecting Content grant are now available free for download through the Biodiversity Heritage Library's iTunes-U.


Speaking Events for Connecting Content

Oh my! We've been busy! In the past three years, the Connecting Content team has been actively speaking out about our project goals and getting feedback from our audiences. If you havent had a chance to speak with us about the Connecting Content project, join us for our next event

Previous events:


September 2013: Academy Archivist Heather Yager and Digital Production Assistant Kelly Jensen delivered a lightning talk at Science Hack Day on September 28-29th, 2013 at the California Academy of Sciences. They presented on data sets created during the course of this project and got feedback and insight about looking at dynamic ways that the data collected to date can be manipulated to get access and communicate scientific data from across resources.


June 2013: Rebecca Morin spoke at the Special Libraries Association Conference and INFO-EXPO and discussed the exciting content the Connecting Content project has been generating and large scale digital collaborative projects.


May 2013: Connecting Content Project Manager, Yolanda Bustos took the stage on the public floor at the California Academy of Sciences to talk to our patrons about field books, specimens, and how Connecting Content is working to associate these records with published materials during our Chat With An Academy Scientist program. 

April 2013: Yolanda Bustos spoke about the Connecting Content project at the Society of California Archivist's Annual General Meeting in a panel titled, Voyages of Discovery: Processing, Reference, and Outreach for Scientific Records

March 2013: Rebecca Morin spoke at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Research & Collections Seminar Series in a lecture about our collaborative efforts on this project called Tapping Into Collective Intelligence: Making a Big Project Work in a Small Institution.


October 2012: Rebecca Morin delivered a lecture titled Digital Opportunities: Strategies & Challenges at the Library Directors Digital Strategy Summit in  Monterey, California.


November 2011: Danielle Castronovo and Rebecca Morin teamed up with the Smithsonian Institute's Bianca Crowley to give a lecture called "Yelling Across the Divide: New Contexts for Using Library, Archival, and Museum Collections". If you were not lucky enough to attend, you can watch the lecture or read the transcript here.


June 2011:  The Annual Curator Event Conversations, Cocktails, and Collections was hosted at the California Academy of Sciences.  Donors were invited to visit the Academy afterhours to learn more about research projects taking place.  Danielle Castronovo and Christina Fidler had a table on the main floor presenting the Connecting Content and had finch specimens and fieldnotes from the 1905-1906 Galapagos expedition on display.  Rebecca Morin and Daina Dickman presented on the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) in the Library Reading Room, including how BHL and Connecting Content will work together to provide open source access to the materials being digitized through pilot projects at the partner institutions.


Christina Fidler and Danielle Castronovo speaking to donors about Connecting Content.

May 2011: Christina Fidler and Daina Dickman were participants in the Imaging Workshop that was a part of the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections (SPHNC) annual meeting that took place in San Francisco, hosted by the California Academy of Sciences.  Daina presented a morning session giving an overview of the grant and the intended outcomes.  In the afternoon Christina and Daina led a session discussing trouble shooting and workflow for digitial imaging projects.