Connecting Content Team

Principal Investigators

Becky Morin

Head Librarian

Academy Library

Danielle Castronovo

Archives & Digital Collections Librarian (Fall '11 to Spring '12)

Academy Library


Yolanda Bustos

Project Manager (Spring 2012- terminus)

Academy Library 

Moe Flannery

Collections Manager

Ornithology and Mammalogy


Kathi Koontz

Web Project Manager

Marketing -- Web Services

Stan Blum

Information Research Manager

Research Informatics


Christina Fidler

Project Manager (2011- Spring 2012)

Academy Library 

Kelly Jensen

Digital Production Assistant

Academy Library


Stella Tang

Technical Services and Cataloguing

Academy Library

Ore Carmi

Ornithology Collections

Ornithology and Mammalogy


 Heather Yager

Archives and Digital Collections Librarian

(Fall 2012- terminus)

Connecting Content Interns

Josh Roselle

Collections Scanning Intern (Spring '11)

San Jose State University

Stephanie Stewart-Bailey

Collections Scanning Intern (Summer '11)

University of Gothenberg

Richard Fischer

Information Connections Research Intern (Summer '11)

Hosted by the Smithsonian Institution

Queens College

 Rachel Sargent

Collections Scanning Intern (Fall '11, Spring '12)

John F. Kennedy University

Logan Kahle

Ornithology Collections Intern (Fall'12)

 Sarina Sinick

Data Engineer Intern (Summer '13)

University of Illinois