Field notes: Namibia 2007


Learn more about our 2007 trip to Namibia to collect sengis.

Expedition to Papua New Guinea

Beautiful Fruit Dove

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Academy South Seas Expeditions


Expedition to Namibia to obtain type series and basic life history data on a new species of round-eared sengi.


Expedition to Papua New Guinea

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After we articulated the second flipper and the Built for Speed exhibit closed on September 29th, it was time to put Orca O319 on permanent display. He couldn’t stay hanging on that frame in the piazza forever! It was decided that he should be someplace where people could see him up close like they had ...
It’s been almost two months since we completed O319, but there is still one piece missing: the right flipper. I mentioned previously that O319 only has its left flipper completed while the bones from the right flipper continue to be cleaned. As I explained before, the humerus, radius, and ulna of the right flipper were originally ...
On Sunday, June 9th, we finished our articulation (all except for the right flipper, which will be completed at a later date. Read more about that here). The  hyoids, scapulae, flipper, pelvic bones, and skull were all attached to complete O319’s skeleton. Over the last five weeks, we had 286 total pieces to assemble. The ...