Jérôme Fuchs

  • Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Ornithology & Mammalogy
  • PhD

I am primarily interested in understanding the patterns, and underlying processes, of avian diversity. This topic encompasses several fields: historical biogeography, phylogenetics molecular evolution, phylogeography, population genetics and ecology. To answer my questions, I use DNA sequence data gathered from the mitochondrial and nuclear genomes to generate phylogenies from which the biogeographic history and evolution of morphological (e.g. plumage color) and ethological (e.g. foraging behavior) characters are inferred. A big component of my research involves field work to collect samples and gather data about morphological variation and geographic distribution. Hence I have been collecting samples in several countries (Cambodia, Cameroon, Guatemala, Laos, Mozambique, South Africa, Vietnam) to answer the questions I am interested in. Part of the field work has been linked to general biodiversity inventories with direct conservation implications (for example: http://www.laplaneterevisitee.org/en).


During my PhD (2004-2006, University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, France), I focused on the systematics and historical biogeography of several clades of Old World birds (Picidae, Strigidae, Alcedinidae, Malaconotidae and allies, Campephagidae, Dicruridae and Pycnonotidae) in order to assess the relative contribution of vicariance and dispersal events in shaping biodiversity patterns in the Old World. I used DNA sequence data and Bayesian methods that allow the strict molecular clock hypothesis to be relaxed to investigate if divergence times among lineages endemic to biomes (e.g Australasia, Afrotropics, Indo-Malaya) correspond to major climatic oscillation or tectonic events (uplift of a mountain) that could have promoted the formation of continental faunas.


My first post doc (2007-2009), in collaboration with Dr. Rauri C.K Bowie (University of California, Berkeley, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology) and Dr. Timothy M. Crowe (DST/NRF Centre of Excellence at the Percy FitzPatrick Institute, University of Cape Town, South Africa) aimed to 1) test the hypothesis of common phylogeographic structure among co-distributed pan-African species (e.g. Lanius collaris and Dicrurus adsimilis) at different spatial scales (pan African and Southern Africa) and 2) test the hypothesis of common speciation patterns in space and time in two unrelated lineages of woodpeckers (Dendropicos and Geocolaptes/Campethera) with similar species diversity and distribution patterns.


At present, I am working as a post doc at the California Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with Dr. David Mindell and Dr. Jack Dumbacher, on two projects: a species level phylogeny of the Falconidae using multi-locus data and the co-evolution between birds and viruses in Papua New Guinea.

Dr. David Mindell (California Academy of Sciences). Phylogeny of Falconidae and co-evolution with viruses

Dr. John P. Dumbacher. (California Academy of Sciences). Bird-viruses co-evolution.

Dr. Rauri C.K. Bowie (University of California, Berkeley). Biogeography and phylogeography of Afrotropical birds.

Dr. Eric Pasquet (UMR5202, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris). Biogeography of Old World birds.

Dr. Jean-Marc Pons (UMR5202, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris). Biogeography of Old World birds

Dr. Per G.P. Ericson (Natural History Museum of Stockholm). Phylogeny of Piciformes and phylogeography of Indo-Malayan birds

Dr. Jon Fjeldså (University of Copenhagen). Biogeography and phylogeography of Afrotropical birds

Dr. Steven G. Goodman (WWF Antananarivo, Field Museum of Natural History Chicago). Colonisation of Indian Ocean islands and phylogeography of Malagasy species

Dr. Martin Irestedt (Natural History Museum of Stockholm). Passeriformes biogeography

Dr. Ulf Johansson (Natural History Museum of Stockholm). Passeriformes biogeography

Dr. Knud A. Jønsson (University of Copenhagen). Passeriformes biogeography

Dr. Ben Marks. (Texas A&M University). Phylogeny of Alcedinidae and Pycnonotidae

Dr. Martim P. de Melo (University of Cape Town, Percy Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology). Diversification of the Gulf of Guinea birds

Dr. Hector C. Miranda Jr. (Texas Southern University). Biogeography of Indo-Malayan Otus

Dr. Robert G. Moyle. (Kansas University). Phylogeny of Alcedinidae and Pycnonotidae.



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  • Jérôme Fuchs
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