Financial Support


The Lakeside Foundation provides financial support for international students to study alongside research curators at the California Academy of Sciences. Invitations to study are made by Academy staff members only. During fiscal year 2010/2011, support from the Lakeside Foundation allowed us to sponsor degree granting training programs for five graduate students from the following developing countries: Colombia, Madagascar, Venezuela, and Taiwan. In addition, Lakeside funds provided financial support for training six additional young scientists from Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Madagascar, For the coming fiscal year, arrangements are being made to bring scientists to the Academy from Costa Rica, Colombia, Madagascar, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, and Argentina.


MISSION: To promote knowledge and train international students in taxonomy, systematics and research collections management by bringing those students to the Academy for extended periods.


EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Student backgrounds will vary, but this program will support those who have experience commensurate with up to having obtained a Ph.D. At this time, no Ph.D.-holding students may apply or be supported by this program.


LENGTH OF STAY/SUPPORT: The program supports students for no less than 1 month and up to 2 years.


COSTS COVERED: Funds are allocated on a competitive basis, with decisions made by the Dean of Science and the Lakeside Committee. Round trip airfare, room and board, tuition, per diem costs and a small stipend will be the types of costs covered by the program.


IMPLEMENTATION: Proposals are made by a CAS staff member only, and should include the following:

  • Short description and justification of the program, including CAS staff participation in the educational experience of the visitor, time frame, etc.
  • If formal education is part of the program (undergraduate, graduate), the request should include indication of acceptance of the participant by the institution/department.
  • A brief statement on the impact of this student's training to building systematic biology infrastructure in that individual's home country.
  • Background information (including CV, if appropriate) of the person(s) for whom the grant is requested and how this program will benefit the individual(s).
  • Budget


For more information, please email Charlotte Pfeiffer at