X-Ray Ichthyology: The Structure of Fishes
Author Dave Catania
  • Publish Date February 1, 2002
  • Page Start 3
  • Page Count 60 pp
  • Price $19.95 (softcover)

At once familiar and utterly alien, fish hold a special fascination for us. Superbly adapted to the watery realm that covers 3/4 of our planet, they have evolved to fit every environmental niche in a stunning diversity of shapes and sizes.  This book offers a new vision of these mysterious creatures - the amazing inside view offered by x-ray imaging.


Originally conceived as a way for ichthyologists to examine specimens without damaging them and to share their findings in easily reproducible form, the radiological study of fish has been pioneered by the California Academy of Sciences, whose collection contains thousands of species and types, many of them very rare. Funded by the National Science Foundation, this remarkable project has already catalogued more than 1,800 specimens, and X-Ray Ichthyology: The Structure of Fishes, offers readers a fascinating sample from hammerhead sharks and manta rays to seahorses, sawfish, and surgeonfish, from familiar species like the golden trout to such rarely seen denizens of the lightless depths as the batfish and the whipnosed angler.