Handbook to the Dangerously Venomous Snakes of Myanmar
Author Alan E. Leviton, George R. Zug, Jens V. Vindum, Guinevere O.U. Wogan
  • Publish Date January 1, 2008
  • Standard Number ISBN 0-940228-76-4
  • Page Count 122 pp
  • Price $14.00 (softcover)

Authors: Alan E. Leviton, George R. Zug, Jens V. Vindum, and Guinevere O.U. Wogan. 2008. 122 pages. $14.00. ISBN 0-940228-76-4

This guide, prepared in collaboration with the Division of Nature and Conservation of the Ministry of Forestry, Myanmar and Academy scientists, includes a key and descriptions to all of the venomous snakes known from Myanmar. After a decade of Academy led scientific expeditions in Myanmar, a country with extraordinary biodiversity, we are just now beginning to learn how rich in species it really is. No fewer than 44 species of dangerously venomous snakes inhabit Myanmar and the surrounding coastal waters. It is hoped that this contribution will enable those engaged in the study of snakes in the field and the laboratory to recognize more readily the most dangerous components of that fauna.

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